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Anna Becvar
Featured Profile: 
At A Glance
Licensed Body: 
South East
First Degree: 
Soils and Plant Nutrition
Works For: 
Self Employed Earthcare Technical Ltd.
Bsc Hons
Pet Hates: 
‘Nimby’s’ attitude to renewable energy and recycling
Burning Ambition: 
To constantly improve professionally and as a person!
Big Picture
When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? 
A crop consultant or agricultural chemist
Who or what inspired you to become a scientist? 
A fantastic female chemistry teacher – I still have Avogardro’s number stuck in my head
What do you love about your job and being a “scientist”? 
In-door/outdoor each day is different. We are at a key stage to improve our use of earth’s resources
What would you change? 
Global warming
What qualifications did you take at school? 
10 ‘O’ levels and 3 ‘A’ levels
Why did you choose your first degree subject? 
Soils and Plant Nutrition – because feeding soils to feed crops is key to crop production, always fascinated by variations in soil types on the farm I grew up on.
Do you have a Masters or PhD? If not, was it difficult to demonstrate Masters-level equivalence in order to achieve CSci? 
No I don’t have a further qualification but am dedicated to my area of interest
How do you describe your job when you meet people at a party? 
Environmental Consultant because they generally relate to it and galze over if I say soil scientist or ask me what they can do with their vegetable patch
What is ‘cutting-edge’ about your work? 
Anaerobic Digestion and Commercial composting, recycling materials effectively to land. Reducing soil erosion risk, encouraging uptake of new ideas
What are the biggest implications your work will/could have in the future? 
Protect soils; protect the environment, reduction in land filling
Describe some of the highlights of your average day. 
Meeting challenges head on, communicating effectively
Describe briefly how your career has progressed to date. 
Worked for the then National Rivers Authority, Technical Director of a GPS soil mapping and fertiliser application company in 1993, and Technical marketing Director of an environmental and agricultural laboratory, self- employed now for 9 years. A consultant on waste management, pollution risk assessment, composting, Anaerobic Digestate use, legislation, and planning.
How is your job cross-disciplinary? 
I use chemistry skills, technical interpretation, agricultural and horticultural knowledge and dissemination skills regularly to present, write reports and marketing literature
How well is your job compensated? What is the starting salary for your field, and how much can this be expected to rise? 
Could expect to earn £40-80K per year, starter salary £20K
How do you see your field developing over the next 5-10 years? 
Further work in recycling and new land technologies, very exciting times
Would you say you have a good standard of living/ work-life balance? 
Not bad my family are my priority but I’m too much of a workaholic
What do your friends and family think about your job? 
My family is proud; my friends are sometimes slightly perplexed
What kind of hobbies or extracurricular activities do you do to relax? 
Enjoying my family, tennis, skiing, walking my dog and socializing.
Why did you choose to apply for CSci and what do you value most about being a Chartered Scientist? 
Additional recognition of the extra work I do to maintain my science knowledge
What is the value of professional bodies? 
To endorse professional work and provide support in improving knowledge base through CPD activities
How important is CPD? What do you think of the revalidation process in ensuring that CSci is a mark of current competence? 
CPD is very important but should not be measured primarily by event attendance
Advice & Reflection
What words of wisdom would you give someone interested in getting into your field? 
Don’t take too general a degree and bring enthusiasm!
How important is the mentoring process in your field and to you personally? 
Very important as I have been incredibly lucky in working with some wonderfully knowledgeable people who have shared their wisdom with me
How would you define “professionalism”? 
Rational focus on the job in hand, and executing that job to the best of your abilities
What would you like people to remember about your life as a scientist? 
I was hugely lucky in life to find a career that I enjoy.
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