About CSci


To qualify for the Chartered Scientist designation applicants must possess a combination of high-level scientific knowledge and experience. This is typically demonstrated by an accredited Masters qualification together with four years of post graduation-level experience sufficient to meet the CSci competencies.

Chartered Scientist is set at the same high level as other chartered titles such as Chartered Mathematician and Chartered Engineer, with the exemplifying educational standard being at M-Level. Candidates for CSci must have met the M-Level learning outcomes as exemplified by the QAA descriptors. Licensed Bodies accredit Masters programmes for the purposes of CSci. The standard route is through an accredited Masters degree. Where a candidate does not hold an accredited degree, they may still show equivalence of M-Level learning through:

  • academic qualifications (including those at D-Level),
  • accredited prior learning,
  • portfolios, and
  • assessed scientific and technical reports (including published peer-reviewed papers)

Five overarching competency statements illustrate the professional skills and attributes Chartered Scientists are expected to demonstrate through a combination of their knowledge and experience:

  • Deal with complex scientific issues, both systematically and creatively, make sound judgements in the absence of complete data and communicate their conclusions clearly to specialist and non-specialist audiences
  • Exercise self-direction and originality in solving problems, and exercise substantial personal autonomy in planning and implementing tasks at a professional level
  • Continue to advance their knowledge, understanding and competence to a high level and demonstrate a commitment to CPD
  • Demonstrate an understanding and commitment to Health and Safety and environmental issues related to employment
  • Comply with the relevant Codes of Conduct

These statements are broken down further into specific attributes that all Chartered Scientists will possess. Before you consider applying for CSci, you should be familiar with the competencies required.

View the competencies here.

Applicants are expected to demonstrate a minimum of two years' prior CPD activity in order to register as Chartered Scientists, and must continue to participate in and record CPD throughout their working lives in order to retain the award.

Find out more about CPD and the annual monitoring requirements.

Code of Conduct

Chartered Scientists will agree to be bound by the code of professional conduct of their Licensed Body as well as by the Science Council Model Rules of Conduct for Registrants which state that: 

Registrants must:

  • Exercise their professional skills and judgement to the best of their ability and discharge their professional responsibilities with integrity, serving as an example to others.
  • Have regard at all times to the public interest.
  • Do all in their power to ensure that their professional activities do not put the health and safety of others at risk.
  • When called upon to give a professional opinion, do so with objectivity and reliability.
  • Never engage in corrupt practice.
  • Undertake appropriate Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and be able to demonstrate this to others.
  • Further the interests of and maintain the dignity and welfare of their Licensed Body and profession.