About CSci

How to apply

The Science Council upholds the standards for CSci but it delegates responsibility for its award to Professional Bodies which are granted Licensed Body status. If you feel you have the required combination of qualifications and experience and can show you meet the CSci competencies, and are a member of one of the Science Council’s Licensed Professional Bodies, you could apply to become a Chartered Scientist. You can check the list of Licensed Bodies here.

What if I am not a member of one of these Licensed Bodies?
CSci can only be awarded through these bodies. Some Licensed Bodies allow you to apply for membership and CSci status at the same time. If you do not feel that any of these Licensed Professional Bodies fit your current area of work, you may wish to ask your own Professional Body if it has considered applying to become a Licensed Body of the Science Council.

What if I don’t have a Masters Level qualification?
While the exemplifying educational standard for CSci is an M-Level qualification, all Licensed Bodies are required to have routes that allow applicants to demonstrate equivalence to M-Level learning through other qualifications, professional experience, or a combination of these. For further explanation of how to demonstrate equivalence, contact your Licensed Body.

The Science Council has also introduced two new professional registers: Registered Scientist (RSci), set at QCF level 5, and Registered Science Technician (RSciTech) set at QCF level 3. Together with Chartered Scienist, these registers provide a framework for professional registration across the science workforce. For more information on either of these awards, please visit the professional registers website.