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Dr Heather Thompson

CSci CBiol MEI

Dr Heather Thompson is the Energy and Environmental Management Systems Officer for one of Northern Ireland’s largest local authorities, where she has been responsible for the development and delivery of successful energy management and carbon reduction programmes. She is Chairperson of the NI Local Authority Energy Managers’ Forum, contributing to the NI Local Government Association’s policy-making process on energy and environmental matters. She is also a member of the NI Planning Policy committee on micro-generation and other forms of renewable energy.

Heather is a Chartered Scientist, a Chartered Biologist and a member of the Energy Institute, and was recently the recipient of the Sustainable Ireland Carbon Trust Energy Manager of the Year award. Her key areas of interest are energy and its related environmental impacts, sustainable development and environmental management. She holds a Masters in Biomedical Science and a PhD in Molecular Microbiology, and is currently taking a further part-time Masters degree in Environmental Management. She is a published author in both the fields of molecular microbiology and energy management, and tutors Masters level students in Medical Microbiology for the University of Ulster. “The key roles of my current post are reductions in energy consumption and carbon emissions across the local authority estate. Since taking up my post in July 2004, energy consumption has fallen by 15% and carbon emissions by 33%. As well as energy efficiency measures, a key part of my energy management programme has been the introduction of renewable energy technologies into the government estate, including solar thermal and PV, ground source heat pumps and biomass.”

On the subject of her Chartered Scientist status, Heather says, “I applied for Chartered Scientist status through the Energy Institute, and found the application process for membership very straightforward. The CSci designation is a recognition of professional, scientific and technical abilities, and I would recommend it to all other scientists”.