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About CSci

Dr Christopher Corti


Dr Christopher Corti has over 25 years experience in the precious metals industry. As Managing Director, International Technology sector at World Gold Council, London, he was responsible over a period of 10 years for a wide range of technical support to the jewellery sector worldwide and for promoting the new industrial applications of gold. Currently, he heads the COReGOLD Technology Consultancy and consults for World Gold Council and for the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths.

His career has been principally in metallurgical and materials science research and development, mainly for commercial applications and, more recently, in promoting commercial exploitation of gold science and technology. Chris has authored/co-authored over 100 publications in the scientific and technical literature and has presented at many conferences.

Dr Corti edited the jewellery technology magazine Gold Technology until it ceased publication in 2002, and is also editor of the highly cited scientific journal Gold Bulletin, which became an e-journal in 2005.

Chris is also a very active member of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining having served on its Council twice and being the current Chairman of both the IOMMM Membership Committee and the Members Benevolent Trust of the IOMMM.

Chris says: “Being a Chartered Scientist is an important recognition by my peers, not only in my chosen discipline but across the scientific spectrum, of my professional skills and knowledge and gives me esteem and confidence in my abilities at an international level.

“In my sector of materials science and technology, CSci is considered potent evidence of our standing within all sectors of science and engineering and demonstrates our professional approach to science and its application to the benefit of both commerce and society. Society recognises this professionalism and its contribution to its wellbeing, be it economic wealth, medical advances or protection of our high community and environment.”