The Register

About the Register

The Chartered Scientist designation (CSci) is an assurance that an individual is practising at the forefront of their profession and remains competent throughout their career. Individuals must show evidence of continued competence throughout their working lives in order to revalidate their award and remain on the register. The Register of Chartered Scientists (CSci) and Chartered Science Teachers (CSciTeach) has now been made publicly available, and individuals can be searched by name or unique registrant number.

The status field indicates the current status of the registrant:

Active - the registrant is an active Chartered Scientist whose competencies have been assessed and adjudged to be at the level required for CSci, and who has demonstrated evidence of ongoing CPD.

Inactive: the registrant is not currently an active Chartered Scientist. This may mean that they have retired, are no longer working in science, that they have taken a career break, or that they have failed to provide evidence of continued competence. Those who fail revalidation must wait a period of two years before they may reapply and must demonstrate CPD activity for the two years leading to their re-application.


If you are searching for an individual who claims to have recently been awarded CSci and their name does not appear here, please contact the registrar.

If you are a Chartered Scientist or Chartered Science Teacher and your details appear here incorrectly, or do not appear here, please contact the registrar.

  • The Register is updated at quarterly intervals; therefore someone who has recently been awarded CSci may not appear on the register for up to 3 months afterwards.
  • Registrants may also choose to opt out of the public register.
  • A number of Chartered Scientists registered through the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) do not currently appear on the register but can choose to opt in at any time.