Chartered Scientist


About CSci

How to apply

Licensed Bodies of the Science Council are those that have been adjudged by its Registration Authority to be competent to uphold the standards of the Chartered Scientist designation and to award CSci to suitably qualified members. Before applying to become a Licensed Body professional bodies must first be a member body of the Science Council. The criteria for membership of the Science Council can be found here.

To be eligible to apply for Licensed Body Status, the following criteria must be fulfilled:

  • the Body is a Member Body of the Science Council
  • the Member Body has at least one membership standard at graduate level
  • the Member Body has a minimum of 5 years experience administering that standard or has made approved arrangements with another Licensed Body
  • the members holding the above standard are bound by a Code of Professional Conduct and the Licensed Body has disciplinary procedures, and,
  • the Member Body is able to monitor the professional development of its members
  • For further details on becoming a Licensed Body, please contact the registrar.